Tips: Hiring the right electrician

Tips: Hiring the right electrician A lot of serious contractor related problems can be averted by doing just a little research. After twenty five years in the trade, I have found that if both home and business owners follow these … Continue reading

Guidelines for Every Lighting Retrofit

Postponing a retrofit can be a real waste of money                        Are you considering a lighting retrofit?  Before you do, read this guide! There are hundreds of vendors to choose from, some (much) better than others. At Radco Electric, we … Continue reading

Don’t Get Left In The Dark

Power lose can be unexpected,  sudden and caused by many things. Weather is one of the top reasons for extended power outages. In the Southeast, you may experience thunderstorms, tornado’s and other weather related incidences that can lead to a wide … Continue reading

Recessed Lighting Installation

Great Lighting is essential to a beautiful home. Good lighting sets the mood, creates the scene, and brings your home to life. We specialize in interior lighting at Radco Electric. We love installing recessed lights because the results of new … Continue reading

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is valuable for virtually everyone. It serves many purposes, from guiding people stepping out in the dark to ensuring employees can safely and accurately do their job. If your parking lot lights need to be replaced or serviced, … Continue reading

Electrical System Inspections-Marietta

What Is An Electrical System Inspection? The one system that is of greatest concern to a home buyer and home owners is the electrical system.An electrical inspection is an inspection,which will help ensure that all electrical systems and wires in … Continue reading

Surge Protection for Your Home

Surge protection – what is it and how can it help me? You have many electronic devices in your home now that didn’t exist just a decade or so ago. And they are expensive! Items like computers, audio equipment, high … Continue reading

Kitchen Under Cabinet LED Lighting

Are you looking for a low-cost way to upgrade your kitchen? Consider adding a designers touch and saving energy to buy installing under cabinet LED lighting fixtures. Radco Electric is often ask what is a low-cost way to change the … Continue reading